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William the Conqueror

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Week 11: Medieval Europe IDs


William the Conqueror


William the Conqueror, also called William I of England, lived from 1027-1087 A.D. He was born in Normandy and was the illegitimate son of Robert I who was the Duke of Normandy. William's cousin was King Edward the Confessor of England. William said that Edward had promised him the throne since Edward had no heirs and William was the closest adult heir. However, Harold ended up becoming King and became Harold II through a deathbed wish made by Edward. The nobles also elected him king. William was outraged by this and mustered his troops for an invasion of England. England had already been invaded by Norway and so they were dealing with this when William sailed for England. William arrived in England before Harold could return and defend the coast. William killed Harold at the Battle of Hastings and defeated the army, becoming the king of England. William’s reign was famous for the Danegeld, a national property tax, and for his Domesday Book, which was a record of property in England. On an interesting side-note, when William died he was rumored to have been extremely fat. He was so large that the bishops could not fit him in his sarcophagus and his body burst after some prodding by the bishops, releasing a terrible odor and driving away all the mourners.




World Book 2005


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