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Week 19: The Atlantic World IDs

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Weeks 19: The Atlantic World IDs - group work



Working together using this wiki

Think of this wiki as a shared online whiteboard. The entire class can share information using this wiki, making your research accessible to everyone. You no longer have to complete the IDs all by yourself! Play around with this wiki: Notice how you can add comments to a page, see what people have changed, and edit all the text - check out the "wiki style page" on the HOME page or in STUDY TIPS & TOOLS (BB).



1. YOU are responsible for ONE term/concept this week (Don't forget you have to CLAIM the term/concept on this page). You need to use the textbook (and possibly other resources) to research your term/concept. It's the only one YOU are responsible for, so make sure you include lots of details to share with your classmates. You can post your description in paragraph form or a bulletted list - just be complete. POST ON TIME!

2. Once you have posted your own term/concept, you have the opportunity to add to your classmates postings. If you see something that is wrong or needs more explanation you can edit their term/concept. However, you must include your name with any changes you make.

3. Finally, you can print off this "wiki" and file in your notebook (you are keeping a 3-ring binder full of stuff for this course, right?).



Identificatons - The Atlantic World


Columbian Exchange - Schmidt

Atlantic Slave Trade(basics)-Andrew Gilmore

Sugar production and the slave trade - Tracy Dail

Middle Passage - Zac Vance

Triangle Trade Routes - Ashley Honaker

Hernan Cortes - Aztecs - Kat

Francisco Pizzaro - Incas - Capone

Coronado - SW US - Chatham

New Spain and Mexico City- Alex Brann

Encomienda System- J.Page

Bartolome de Las Casas- Clara Harrison

Silver mining in the Americas - Ariana Knight

Portugal in Brazil-C. Magoon

Dutch West India Company- Carrie Shaffner

Treaty of Tordesillas-Amna Ahmed

Sociedad de castas - Ward

Effects of Disease in the Americas - Rachel Patty

Haciendas vs Plantations - Abby Miller

Brazil's Age of Gold - Virginia Hokeepoodle!

Bourban Reforms (basics)-Tara Parker

Communaro Revolt and others - Rector

Askia Mohammed - Songhai - Maggie Walston

Gold trade - West and Central Africa -Gillis

Osei Tutu - Asante ~Merritt Sherman~

East Africa and Indian Ocean trade network♥Arianna Ramseur♥

Boers - Apartheid-Betsy Binion

Zulu Rise to Power--Hannah Simpson

Africans in the Americas - culture - Abbott

End of Slave Trade - Abolitionism~*Ashton*~

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