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US Constitution

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__A Pretty Important Piece of Paper__


-Supreme law of the United States of America

-adopted September 23, 1788 (NOT 1776)

-Oldest constitution sill in effect in the entire world

-Composed of 7 Articles and a Preamble

-Articles set up a Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches as well as detailing State's powers, the Amendment process, Federal power, and the Ratification process

-ideas were influenced by Englightened thinkers such as Locke, Montesquieu, and Rouseau

-Ratifited for the United States only after a long, heated drafting and ratification process


Picture of the Constitutionl Convention -->


link to main page-->http://apwh.pbwiki.com/Week%2023:%20Emergence%20of%20Industrial%20Society%20IDs


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