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Trung sisters

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Week 13: Medieval China IDs

Tracy Dail

Trung sisters

-Leaders of one of the frequent peasant rebellions in Vietnam against Chinese rule

-Revolt broke out in 39 C.E.

-Demonstrates importance of Vietnamese women in indigenous society

-Children of a political leader that had been removed from office

-Successfully repelled Chinese invasions for 3 years

-Names were Tru’ng Trac (oldest) and Tru’ng Nhj

-Grew up in a military family and subject to a lot of militaristic influence

-They spent a lot of time studying warfare and learning fighting skills according to legend

-Legend is that they repelled a small Chinese unit from their village and formed a large army, mostly of women. Then they took back many citadels and became queens of the country. Then the Chinese fought back winning because they fought naked and it was a sin for any woman to see a man naked that wasn’t her husband and many women did not fight. Realizing they were going to loose, they committed suicide by drowning themselves in the Hat River so their honor would be protected

-In the actual historical account, there is no evidence that they committed suicide or that the Chinese fought naked. The historical account is actually very brief and it basically says that the sisters did not like the laws placed on them and they rebelled and others followed. Think that they lost because the Chinese had the better weapons

-They did create a very large army of about 80,000 women, 36 of those were chosen and trained to be generals

-She was named queen or “Trung Vuong” meaning “She-King Trung” and abolished the tribute taxes and attempted to restore a simpler form of government that reflected Vietnamese values

-There are many temples dedicated to them and a holiday in February to honor their death. There are also numerous cities named after them

-Some feel that if they had not rebelled, there would be no Vietnamese nation today because the Chinese governor To Dinh had such tight restrictions on them.



This is a picture of a celebration held

in the early 20th century in honor of

the Trung Sisters

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