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Treaty of Guadalupe - Hidalgo

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Week 25: Latin American Consolidation IDs

Manifest Destiny Manifests Itself in a Treaty

By: Zac Vance


Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo


February 2, 1848


The treaty was signed at the old Cathedral of Guadalupe at Villa Hidalgo. The modern day location is Gustavo A. Madero which is located in the northern part of Mexico’s Federal District.


The treaty ended the Mexican American War.  In the treaty 525,000 square miles of land were ceded to the United States in exchange for 15 million dollars and the assumption of some of Mexico’s debt. The Mexican cession consisted of much of modern day Colorado, California, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Arizona and New Mexico.


This treaty was agreed to because of the Mexican American War. The war began because the dispute over the annexation of Texas and popular American belief of Manifest Destiny. The war lasted for two years and since America came out as the victor the treaty’s terms favored the United States.

How is it Important:

This treaty is important because of its huge addition to the United State’s territory. Seven U.S. states are comprised of at least some of the land gained in the treaty. The new acquisition of land also allowed America to prosper from transcontinental traffic and increased settling in the West.

This is a Map showing the land that was ceeded to

the United States in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

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