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The unification of Italy

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--Before the Unification of Italy, in about the 18th century, Italy was divided into smalled kingdons.  

--Each part was governed by different people wich in time created "secret societies"  so virtualy, the two parts of Italy were working against each other.

--Italy got its shape of a united nation after the fall of Napoleon Bonaparte. 

--Throughout the 15th century and on until the 19th century, European kingdoms were fighting to take over the smalled kingdoms in Italy. 

--Also known as the Italian Risorgimento, the Unification of Italy was teh group of political and military events that made Italy united as one country in 1861.  

--There are five stages to this time in history, Pre-Revolutionary, Revolutionary, Cavour’s Policy and the Role of Piedmont, Garibaldi’s Campaign in Southern Italy, and the creation of the Italian Kingdom.



--Short and sweet----> the Unification of Italy was Italy being formed and brought together as one nation and not a lot of smaller states.



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