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The Taira-Minamoto war and the fall of the Fujiwara

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The Taira-Minamoto war and the fall of the Fujiwara


The Taira-Minamoto War


The Taira-Minamoto war is also known as the Genpei War. It took place during the 1100's C.E. It was a fairly short year only lasting five years from 1180-1185. The Taira and the Minamoto were clans in Japan that were influential is picking the new emperor. The war started when the Minamoto supported a different candidate for the throne than the Taira. The Battle of Uji was the first battle of the war. The war ended five years later with teh Minamoto winning a naval battle called the Battle of Dan-no-ura. The Minamoto were not in favor of a two year old (the Taira's candidate) ruling over them. The Taira appeared to be winning the war for a long time. The leader of the Minamoto clan was Minamoto no Yoritomo and the leader of the Taira clan was Taira no Kiyomori.

one of the Taira warriors



The Fall of the Fujiwara

The Fujiwara were another Japanese Clan that was influential to the emperor. The clan was founded in the 600's C.E. They were the dominate clan during the Heian period in Japan. They had a monopoly on the Sekkan positions. The Fujiwara made sure that they were related to the emperor in some way. This lasted for over four hundred years until 1068 when Emperor Go-Sanjo took the throne. He was the first emperor not born of a Fugiwara in centuries. The Hogen Disturbance at the end of the 12th century led to the end of the Fujiwara dominated Heian period. The disturbance led to the Taira emerging as the most powerful clan in Japan.


a prominent member of the Fujiwara clan

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