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The Man with the Square Beard

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*Maximilian was born in Austria

*had an early interest in art and science.

*was trained for the navy and put everything he had into his job which helped him rise to power

*in 1859 he was asked to be emperor of Mexico but he refused.

*accepted the crown in 1863

*appointed Emperor of Mexico on April 10, 1864

*Many other countries especially America didn't want to recognize his type of government

*Captured by Mexican Republicans in QuerĂ©taro in 1867 

*Although England pleaded for his life, Maximilian was executed because his executer felt that Mexico shouldn't be governed by foreign powers.

*He was killed on June 19, 1867 along with his generals by a firing squad

*Poor Carlota referring to his wife was his last words

*his wife was in Europe trying to get help for him and went crazy when she found out about his death.

*Maximilian tried to bribe the riflemen not to shoot him in the head but someone did anyway.

*His body displayed in Mexico and then in the Imperial Crypt in Vienna, Australia.

    Execution of Maximilian

Maximilian                                                                     Maximilian's Execution

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