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The Eastern Question

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Stable or Unstable...That is the question! 


- The Eastern Question wasn't a specific question, but dealt with issues in Asia and Europe.

- Eastern Question first brought about after Russo-Turkish War in 1774 and ended after World War I.


- Decline of Ottoman Empire was the real start of the Eastern Question.

- During early 19th century, Russia became the most involved with the Eastern Question (concerned with port city of Constantinople).

- Austria opposed Russia.

- Napoleon Bonaparte became in charge of France in early 19th century and grabbed the attention of Europe.

- Napoleon invaded Russia in 1812 and was defeated by the Great Powers in 1815.

       - His coming to power was known as the Napoleonic Era.

- Greeks declared independence from the Sultains in 1821, which was about the time the phrase "Eastern Question" was started to be used.

    - Treaty of Constantinople gave Greece it's independence in 1832.

- Mehmet Ali was made ruler of the Ottoman Empire by the French.

(Mehmet Ali, who was put in charge of Ottoman Empire)

- France and Austria had revolutions in 1848 and they were known as the Revolutions of 1848, as the Eastern Question had not been brought up for about 10 years.

- Crimean War started in the 1850s which caused more unstability within the "East."

- Nicholas I, the emperor of Russia, invaded the Ottoman Empire, thus started the Crimean War

(Nicholas I of Russia)

- Austria did not side with Russia because they felt threatened by them, to the dismay of Nicholas I.

- Austria did support the United Kingdom and France and Russia complied to Austria's needs when they saw this.

- Alexander II, who succeeded Nicholas I, sought peace and so Treaty of Paris was proposed.

- Treaty of Paris was good until 1871, when the Franco-Prussian War was over, resulting in a French defeat and a German Empire was forming amond the German states.

- Herzegovinian Rebellion started in 1875 and was resolved with the Berlin Memorandum.

- Russia declared war in 1877 and was only opposed by the Ottoman Empire, leading to a Russian victory.

- Bosnian Crisis helped in the decline of the Ottoman Empire and was one of the last major events dealing with the Eastern Question.






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