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The daimyo and the samurai

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The daimyo and the samurai

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Daimyo is translated to mean "great name". The Daimyo were the strongest military leaders in Japan from the 12th to the 19th centuries. They were the controlling body over the samurai. The Bushi had been replaced by the Daimyo. The Daimyo remained in control over the divided three hundred kingdoms of Japan. The Daimyo were associated with the word "warlords" and out of them came the military leaders, the shoguns. The Daimyo were unseated after the Meiji restoration.


Samurai of the Satsuma clan during the Boshin War




  • The Samurai were orginially mounted troops loyal to local lords, but were at times used to protect the emperor. The Samurai dedicated their lives to practicing hunting, riding, archery, and other activities to sharpen their martial skills. Orginally, the Samurai were armed with a long bow and straight blade sword, but in the 12th century they adopted the Katana and Wakizashi.
  • Samurai were allowed to marry and usually sent a messenger with a dowry gift to the brides parents. Women in the Samurai society enjoyed some of the activities of their male counterparts. The women were allowed to carry a small knife(tanto), which was used for protection. This knife, along with the wakizashi were used when enacting seppuku(ritualistic suicide). Seppuku is a section of the Samurai's code of honor called bushido. Some Samurai also practiced a form of homosexuality with their apprentices,it was known as shudo.
  • Samurai practiced differnt froms of sword methods. The word kenjutsu was used to describe the study of sword methods. Some styles include: Kogen Itto-Ryu, Ono-ha Ittō-ryū, etc... Each of the styles had distinguishing characteristics making each one unique.
  • The tale of Samurai have been used in many forms of entertainment. Some of the most recognized art which highlights the samurai in key roles are: graphic novels, such as, Rurouni Kenshin; movies like, The Last Samurai; and in various video games. Most of these Samurai stories are historical fiction.

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