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Tang and Song Economics Revolutions

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Week 13: Medieval China IDs


Tang and Song Economics Revolutions

➢ Overall, an expansion of commerce lead to the economic revolution

o Tang's territorial expansion re-opened the Silk Roads

• China exported mainly manufactured goods while they imported luxury goods such as spices

o Grand Canal which took over a million men to dig also lead to economic expansion

• Yangdi had a greater bureaucratic control over the entire region

• Commercial exports and imports could come from farther away and reach the inland more easily

• The southern food-growing regions could support the north

o Chinese sailors started shipping themselves instead of relying on foreign merchants to come and get goods

• Chinese ships, junks, were best ships in the world

o Early banks, called deposit shops, gave credit to business which allowed further economic expansion

o Government began to issue paper money in 1 1th century






below is an example of some junks




by Chris Magoon<--I couldn't figure out how to put my name in the way you told us...sorry

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