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Sukarno and guided democracy

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 Weeks 32-35 Modern History IDs


Life of an Indonesian President


  • Sukarno was the first president of Indonesia
  • He helped the country win its independence from the Netherlands and was President from 1945 to 1967
  • Sukarno became a leader of a pro-independence party, Partai Nasional Indonesia when it was founded in 1927
  • He opposed imperialism and capitalism because he thought both systems worsened the life of Indonesian people
  • He was influenced by Marxism, Islam, and nationalism in dealing with his political philosophy
  • He hated his figurehead position and called for democracy
    • Guided Democracy, based on Indonesian principles
    • Deciding important questions = prolonged deliberation
    • Based not only on political parties but also "functional groups" - national consensus could express itself under the guidance of a president
    • This made him rely heavily on the army and communist party
  • Established ties with the US after impressive victories and the downing of a US pilot
  • Overthrow of Sukarno:
    • Some anti-communists were kidnapped and killed
    • This brought retaliation from Major General Suharto and he along with followers began killing off anyone involved with the Communist party (half a million killed!)
    • Sukarno's grip of power was loosened in this crisis and Suharto's was strengthened
    • In March of 1966, Suharto forced Sukarno to hand over all executive powers to him in order to keep the peace
    • Sukarno was stripped of his presidential power and placed on house arrest until his death




President Sukarno

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