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Sir Robert Clive and the battle of Plassey

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 Sir Robert Clive and the Battle of Plassy - Conquering India...



♥ Robert Clive was known as the conqueror of India, but how much did he really contribute?  Clive arrived in India in 1743 as part of the East India Company.  He loved luxury and sumptuous living styles and was an active politicain.  He is known for not only conquering India, but also for transforming the East India Companies military service, using the Bengal treasury to support military procedures.  He was one of the the founders of the British colonies in India and a governor.  While Governor of British-Indian towns.  In his first governmental term he won the battle of Plassy, becoming the master of Bengal and went on to reorganize the colony.  The outcome of The Battle of Plassy resulted in the British domination of India. 


image of Robert Clive   Sir Robert Clive

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