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Sinn Fein

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Sinn Fein: The Irish Revolutionaries



(This is a logo for Sinn Fein.)

- Sinn Fein was started in 1905 by Arthur Griffith

- Got its name from a newspaper from Oldcastle, County Meath, Ireland

- Griffith asked the newspaper owners if they could use the name and they agreed

- Sinn Fein means "ourselves" or "we ourselves" but is mistakenly interpreted to mean "ourselves alone" or "we alone"

- Sometimes called the Provisional Irish Republican Army

- Expresses nationalistic views from the left-wing of the political spectrum and has many democratic views

- Wants to increase the amount of money spent on the poor and wants healthcare for everyone

- Holds a place in the government of the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland

- It is the biggest nationalist party in Northern Ireland


(These diagrams show how much Sinn Fein has grown over the years.)


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