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Shaka Zulu and the Zulus

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Shaka Shocked the Zulus!


Shaka Zulu lived from 1787-1828. He was the illegitimate son of a Zulu chief and was mistreated because of this. At a young age, Shaka joined the military of another tribe, but was later called back to the Zulus because his father died. He would become a military leader of the Zulus. Shaka completely reformed the military of the Zulus. He created a military style for them called the buffalo formation that reorganized how the troops would march. Shaka would also allow the soldiers of defeated armies a choice: they could either join his army, or be killed. Shaka’s army grew rapidly. Shaka, later in his life, began to go crazy and would arrest people for “smelling like a witch” and other crazy crimes. He eventually died.


^This is a picture of Shaka Zulu.





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