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sati, thuggee, and the untouchables

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*Means virtuous woman*

*Traditional Hindu practice of a widow immolating (sacrificing) herself on her husband's funeral pyre*

*Considered most virtuous and widow would go straight to heaven*

*She would be worshipped as a goddess, and temples would be built in her memory*

*This was contradictory because in some things in said that you would go to heaven if you  committed Sati, but the Hindu code of conduct said that sati was considered suicide and was against the Shastras*





*Indian network*

*Secret fraternities*

*Murder and rob travelers*

*17th century to 19th century*

*Members known as thugs*

*This is where the origin of thug comes from*



*Part of a caste system in India*

*People in this group were considered impure and less than human*

*They faced violence and discrimination*

*Status acquired at birth and no way to change it*

*They are outcasted by society*

*The term untouchable and the social disabilities were declared illegal*






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