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Russian conquest of Central Asia

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 Week 26: Civilizations in Crisis IDs


So HOW Did Russia Get That BIG?


What Happened-


Just as the United States underwent a period of imperialistic power, (I guess it still is going through that phase…) so did Russia.  Around the 1800’s, Russia and China seized almost all of Asia, leaving only Mongolia and Afghanistan independent.


What Changes Were Made-          Russia at the time of the expansion ~~~~~~\/


Well, with every shift in power comes changes, in Russia is included the need for other civilizations and countries to shift from their nomadic life and adapt to the Russian Lifestyle.  Things involving culture, religion, and government all underwent severe changes.  Most of the existing countries were home to nomadic societies, so these changes affected their lives by changing their expectations and lifestyle.  


How These Changes Affected Asia-


The Nomadic people began to be "civilized"and, like above, the cultures and religions began to become "Westernized".  


Who Was In Control-


The countries in charge at this time were Russia and China.             At the time, Nomadic People lived in in                                                                                                                     Central Asia due to lack of trade routes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

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