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Roaring Twenties

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Week 29: Between the Wars IDs

Maggie Walston


The Rrrroaring Twenties

"The Roaring Twenties were the period of that Great American

Prosperity which was built on shaky foundations." - Paul Getty

  • Called "The Golden Twenties", "The Jazz Age," and AnnĂ©es folles (Crazy Years)
  • This era saw the return of young soldiers from the fronts of WWI, the growth of jazz music, the emergence of the new woman, and Black Tuesday, the sign of the Great Depression.
  • Started in North America and spread to Europe
  • Europe and North America spent these years rebuilding their economy after WWI
  • Advances were made in music, art, literature, science, technology, and architecture


Social Changes

  • Flappers
  • The Lost Generation
  • Red Scare

Flappers doing the Charleston


Notable People

  • Henry Ford * Charles Linbergh * Albert Einstein



  • Hubble's Law introduced by Edwin Hubble
  • Penicillin is discovered by Sir Alexander Fleming



  • Radio in almost every home
  • Technicolor
  • Model T



  • Louis Armstrong * George Gershwin * Xavier Cugat



  • Cubism
  • Art Deco style

The Chrysler Building displays the Art Deco style that came about in the 1920's



  • The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

  • All is Quiet in the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque


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