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Revolt in Egypt, 1919

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A Fight for Independence


  • From March until April of 1919, a great peasant revolt
  • Resulted from 30 years of European domination and how they brought many hardships on the Egyptians
    • effects from the war caused many hardships and resentments among the working class
    • Britain was cheating Egypt in the world market
    • 500,000 peasants had been recruited for Britain's use
    • unemployment and prices were soaring
  • Marked the emerging Egyptian state as it is now
  • At the beginning, leaders were arrested for trying to make Egypt an independent nation, free from Europeans and Ottoman Empire
    • resulted in massive strikes by students, government officials, professionals, women, and transport workers
    • women even became involved and demonstrated power in politics
  • Peasants cut the railways and communication lines - Cairo was isolated for weeks
  • Revolt was only stopped when many many troops came in from Britain and with the help of aircraft got the unarmed population back in check
  • Britain declared Egypt's independence in 1922 after even more violence


Egypt map and flag


Leaders of the Revolt



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