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Period of Six Dynasties and Wendi

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Week 13: Medieval China IDs


Period of Six Dynasties and Wendi


__Six Dynasties__

The Six Dynasties were the Eastern Wu and Eastern Jin, the Song, Qi, Liang, and the Chen Dynasties. This time period was transitional for China as it was a unification period from the Han to the Tang Dynasty. It also linked the past to the future in art.





Emperor Wen of Sui was the founder of China's Sui Dynasty. His real name was Yang Jian but was also called Wendi. His reign lasted from 581 until 600. He was a Buddhist and greatly encouraged it throughout his empire eventhough his government supported Confucianism. Wendi was a womanizing emperor and he had 5 empresses. When he took over as ruler, he declared himself to have received the Mandate of Heaven while the old emperors of the Chen Dynasty had had it taken from them. Wendi was thought to have been strangled by his prince. The prince was found raping one of Wendi's concubines and he was stripped of his title. He then may have wanted revenge on Wendi and strangled him. Other people, however, believed he died from an illness. Even though Wendi was such a womanizer, he only had 2 concubines during his reign, and these only came after his Empress and long-time wife had died. This was the least amount of concubines every by a emperor as some had over 3,000.


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