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Pedro I of Brazil

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Pedro I of Brazil

  • Pedro I was son and successor of Joao VI of Brazil (John VI of Portugal) and Charlotte of Spain (Carlota Joaquina)
  • He is credited with aiding in the declaration of Brazilian independence from Portugal
  • He and his family left Portugal when he was nine as an invading French army approached Lisbon and arrived in Brazil where they stayed for 13 years
  • His father left him as regent in Brazil when he returned to Portugal and warned him that if independence had to come, he should lead the movement
  • In 1822 he declared Brazilian independence and became the first emperor of Brazil, Dom Pedro I
  • Brazil’s social organization based on slavery was not changed and it didn’t drastically change the political structure because it became a monarchy under a member of the Portuguese ruling house
  • He had issued a liberal constitution by 1824 although not without resistance from those who wanted a republic or at the very least a very weak constitutional monarchy
  • He was an autocrat and in 1831 was forced to abdicate in favor of his young son, Pedro (Pedro II) who was too young to rule so a series of regents directed the country in his name

      Picture of Dom Pedro I

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