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Partition of Persia

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 Week 24: Imperialism IDs


Partition of Persia: Early Shifts in Power


"Partition" is usually used to describe the division of Africa during the late 19th century, yet the division of the world began with that of Asia and Persia.  The East India Company was not interested in expanding their territory and were bent on staying out of political rivalries, but they were often dragged into these struggles.  The lack of able communication allowed these field commanders massive amounts of power to overtake vast land expanses.  The division of Asia is seen primarily by India, which was divided by Britian into its own colonies and dependent states.  This marked the beginning of the European dominance and division of the world, leading from India/Persia/Asia to the rest of the world, including Africa and Latin America.


Image:Madras Prov 1859.gif


This is a map of British India.



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