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Partition of Germany

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Week 31: Cold War IDs

Partitioning of

             G - er-m-any


  • Germany was split at the end of World War II going into the Cold War
  • At the Potsdam Conference (1945), Germany was divided and parts were given back to Poland while the rest was occupied by US, Soviet, French, and British forces
  • Germany was ran by the Allied Control Council, in which the each occupying country imposed authority in their own zones
  • Berlin was split into 4 pieces as well as the country... later becoming East and West Berlin divided by the Berlin Wall
  • The occupying countries main concern was to get rid of the Nazis, and in the long run many Germanys were treated very poorly as revenge for the holocaust
  • Germany eventually evolved into two seperate nations East Germany (German Democratic Republic) and West Germany (Federal Republic of Germany)
  • West Germany was allied with US, Britain, and France and had great economic prosperity and freedom while East Germany also had economic prosperity they didn't have the freedoms because they were under Soviet control, which is why many tried to escape from the East to the West
  • In late 1989, the Berlin Wall came down ending the long seperation and Germany was politcally joined
  • In 1990 Germany had the first all-German elections since 1933!



^German occupation zones in 1946^                    ^the tearing down of the Berlin Wall^

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