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Other fronts

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Week 28: World War I IDs 

conFRONTations in WWI~



WWI - 1914-1918 CE


Something cool about this time –

During this time, women did not have many rights, but after the war began, they became integrated into the labor force, strengthening what we now call today as the Women’s Rights Movement.


In Europe -

Well, a lot went on in Europe at this time.  With Germany’s power continually growing, many countries began to grow afraid and finally Britain, France, and Russia to formed the Triple Entente alliance, while Germany opposed with their own alliances built along with Austria-Hungary and Italy.  In this case, Germany was expected to quickly defeat France, Britain, and Russia, though that did not happen.  Britain had many allies, so with the help of Japan, and other far-away allies, the world war began.  In Europe, the soldier began to grow angry at the lack of support shown by civilians for the soldiers, especially when they heard the overwhelming support for the war. 


Egypt and the Middle-East-

After several broken promises made to the middle-eastern societies, many societies, such as Egypt, rebelled, and the British had to withdraw from the Suez Canal area.


The European Colonies -

Europe used the colonies to produce many raw materials needed for war, such as food and cloth, but after the war lasted longer than expected, they began to recruit from the colonies too.



Since India had been colonized before many of the newer civilizations, they were better able to withstand recruitment and new their rights from having a Western Education.  India was one of the first areas have strong rebellions for colonial rights during the war.


In Asia -

After war broke out in Europe with the formation of the alliances the Triple Entente and the Central Powers, Japan saw its chance to get back territory previously inhabited by Europeans, such as land in Asia and the Pacific.

The Europeans expanded the war by recruiting HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS   African and Asian troops.   During the war, Europe made many promises to both Africa and Asia and the colonies regarding freedom, but after the war, their promises fell through.

Pictures of the Fronts -

  <-- British Army in India




                                                                                                         The United States show support for the War -->



 <--  WWI Soldier              

                                                                                                                   <--  In the Trench

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