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Osei Tutu - Asante

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Week 19: The Atlantic World IDs


Osei Tutu and the Asante

The Asante are a major Ethnic Group in Ghana. It was officially formed in 1701 by Osei Tutu, who was crowned Asantehene,obviously.


A little about Osei Tutu

Osei Tutu was originally Kumasehene, the ruler of the city Kumasi in 1765. He was advised by Okomfo Anokye, who was a religious leader. Osei traded gold and slaves for Firearms from Europe to expand his little Ethnic group, which became, like, Uber big. He died in 1717 in a battle against the Akyem.


A little about the Asante Confederacy/Ethnic group/Kingdom

The Asante went from being a tributary state, to a Confederation of states and a centralized heirarchal kingdom. The Asante speak Twi which is kind of like Fante and it is now more widely spoken because of the Asante. Now, the Ashante (same thing as Asante) makes up approximately 51% of Ghana's population with 3,612,950 people. The Asante was finally defeated by the British in 4 large wars from 1826-1896 and renamed the Asante Confederacy "The Gold Coast Colony".


The Ashanti/Asante flag

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