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Northern Renaissance

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Weeks 15-17: Rise of the West IDs

The Norhtern Renaissance

The Northern Renaissance occured after the Italian Renaissance in France, the Low Countries, Germany, and England. It began after 1450. The Renaissance mover northward after Italy began to decline as a Renaissance center of the world. In the Northern Ressaissance classical styles of art became popular, the people became familiar with Greek and Latin literature, and the people were more religious than those that participated in the Italian Renaissance. They tried to mix secular ideas with Christianity. In the political area, the Northen Renaissance changed it. The ceremonies for kings became more elaborate. Kings sponosored trading companies and became interested in the arts like Francis I. Although the Northen Renaissance changed some ideas in people's minds, the way of life was very much the same. The working class still had the same jobs and were even given new taxes. In the upper class women were sometimes limited to their rights thanks in part to flaunting of men's public boldnes instead of the women's domesic lives. It is said that the Northern Renaissance is linked to the Protestant Reformation.

Northern Renaissance Artwork

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