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Miguel Hidalgo and Jose Maria Morelos

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Miguel "Hidalgo" and Jose (Santa "Maria") Morelos


 Miguel Hidalgo was a criollo (Mexican of only Spanish ancestry but born in the New World) and Catholic priest in Dolores  who loved illegal French literature and didn't like conformity. He learned several different languages and is most commonly know for attempting to start a religious revolution in central Mexico by teaming up and conspiring with other Criollo. His plans were discovered so he quickly sprang them into action and Mexico began ito fight for independence.


 Jose Maria Morelos was a Mexican who became a Catholic priest at age 33. Later he became one of the major contibutors and supporters of the war for Mexico's independence from spain. He was eventually shot for being a traitor after his capture.


(The Mexican War of Independence started in 1810)



Miguel Hidalgo






Jose Maria Morelos





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