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Mexican-American War

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The Mexican-American war was a war with an underliying issue of the continuation of salvery, and really began the split between the North and the South in the US.  It began when people who wanted to break away from America broke awy and formed Texas.  This angered the Mexicans when these people refused to follow their laws, and so the Mexicans retaliated by attacking. Then, the South got all mad, and started saying "we should stop them, they're killing white people!" The newspapers knew that this wouldn't do for the North, so they rallied the North by saying "They're attacking our brothers, along with democracy!" Thus, the US began to rally forth to help the Texans, the rebels who had left America.  The issue of the war came to be though, what would happen when they recieved California and Texas? Would they become slave states, which is what they were suppossed to become if they followed the law? This would make the South (pro-slavery peeps) have a majority in Congress.  There was a lot of bickering, and so when the war was ended, California became free, and Texas became slave. This angered the South and started a fiasco between the North and South that led to the Civil War 60 years later.

Some of the major battles of the war.

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