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Marco Polo

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Marco Polo...


Luke Gillis

Marco Polo was a Venetian trader and explorer, who was one of the first westerners, along with his uncle and his father, to travel along the Silk Road in China. He visited the leader of the Mongol dynasty, who was at the time Kublai Kahn, and recorded the stories of his travels in II Milione.


Marco’s journey to see Kublai Kahn in 1271 was prompted by the Pope in response to a visit Marco’s father and uncle had previously made without Marco. When Marco arrived in the Khan’s courts, he quickly found favor with the Kahn, and was employed by him for 17 years, making many journey for the Kahn. He was also granted free trade throughout China by the Kahn because of this favor. In 1291 the Kahn gave Marco Polo his last assignment, escorting the Mongol princess Koekecin to the IIkhan Arghun, but by the time they reached the IIkhanate the Arghun had died, so they left the princess with the new ruler and sailed to Venice, where the family settled.


Marco was captured in a war between Venice and Genoa in 1298, and was released from captivity and returned to Venice in 1299. He then lived his life as a wealthy merchant in Venice, where he wrote the stories of his journeys in his book II Milione.

^marco polo visiting Kublai Khan

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