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Mahdist Revolt in Sudan

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Mahdist Revolt in Sudan
  • The anarchic state of affairs that developed after Gordon’s resignation in 1882
  • Led to revolution led by Muhammad Ahmad, who in 1881 (proclaimed himself the Mahdi, the person who, according to an Islamic tradition, would rid the world of evil.


  • The rebels had quite a few victories, including the annihilation of an Egyptian army in 1883 and the capture of Khartoum in January 1885.


  • (This victory resulted in Gordon's death which allowed the Mahdists  complete control over the province.)


  • Conditions in Egyptian Sudan deteriorated under the rule of the Mahdi and of the caliph Abdallah at-Taaisha, who succeeded the Mahdi in 1885.

(Picture of Muhammad Ahmad, self-proclaimed Mahdi) 

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