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Jacobins, Committee of Public Safety, Reign of Terror

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[Week 23: Emergence of Industrial Society IDs]

Reign of Terror

 Lasted from September 1793 to July 1794 during the French Revolution, throughout this time Maximilien Robespierre and followers executed between 18,500 and 40,000 people.  This new government rose to power under a republic.  The new government was ran by the Committee of Public Safety that utilized the guillotine to cleanse the French population of enemies.  During this reign many leaders and common people were put to death including Marie Antoinette and members of the Girondins (an opposing political party to the Jacobins).  Finally in July 1794 Ropespierre was overthrown and put to death ending the Reign of Terror.



^^ Robespierre



 During the French Revolution, being a Jacobin meant you were a member of the Jacobin political party.  They were advocates of extreme revolutionary concepts including a centralized republic with power concentrating on national government.  A prominent member and leader of the French Revolution was Maximilien Robespierre


^^ guillotine


Committee of Public Safety ?

 Set up by the National Convention, this committee formed the executive branch of French government during the Reign of Terror.  This group of 12 members (Jacobins) was led by Robespierre and put many people to death under the pretenses that they were supporters of the monarcy.  The group dissipated in 1794.


^^ the Committee of Public Safety

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