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Hideki Tojo

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 Week 29: Btwn the Wars IDs


By:  ~Kelsey Rector~

Hideki Tojo .:Sentenced to DEATH:.




  • He was a General in the Imperial Japanese Army and the 40th Prime Minister of Japan; he served as prime minister during much of World War II. He was a totalitarian-like contemporary of Hitler, Mussolini, etc.


  • He was sentenced to death for war crimes after the war and executed by hanging after accepting full responsibility for his actions in World War II and advocating peace in the end.


  • Tōjō is often considered responsible for authorizing the murder of more than 8 million civilians in China, Korea, the Philippines, Indochina, and other Pacific island nations, as well tens of thousands of Allied POWs. 


  • Tojo is also implicated in government-sanctioned experiments on POWs and Chinese civilians. Like his German colleagues, Tōjō often claimed to be carrying out the orders of the Emperor, who was granted immunity from war crimes prosecution. The culpability of the Showa Emperor himself is a subject of some controversy.












**40th Prime Minister of Japan!  



  --->His signature!




**In uniform!!





SOURCES:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hideki_Tojo#Legacy

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