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Gender, Class, and Race

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~The Social Laws: cLasS, rAce, and GenDer ~



♥ cLasS -


       ♥ Well, class distinctions could easily be made by just looking at a person. High class people wore nice clothes and were usually either Creoles or metizos, a mix between Latin Americans and Europeans.


                      Class Differences -------------------->          A representation of Mestizos in "Pintura de Castas" during the Latin American colonial period. "De español e india, produce mestizo" (Of a Spaniard and an Amerindian, produces a Mestizo).


♥ RaCE -



      ♥ Voting Rights -  Well, to be able to successfully vote a MAN must be Creoles or mestizos, or at least favorite. Of course mixes, or mutts, cannot vote either. Picky, picky!

      ♥ Indians were not included with the Creoles or mestizos. Even when legal distinctions did not apply, or were not germane, the social heirarchy depending on skin color and race.


 <----- Mestizos


♥ Gender -


         ♥ Once again, patriarchal societies ruled... BUT, this time there was opposition, at the end of the nineteenth century women reform groups began to form. *GO WOMEN*!!! Before reforms, women's rights did not change very much in the nineteenth century, excluded from politics and controlled by patriarchal laws and expectations.

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