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Establishment of Israel

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When Israel Comes…

The Establishment of Israel

 Weeks 32-35: Modern history IDs



☆ Why was Israel created: 

Israel's creation really depends on the point of view.  To ZIONISTS* Israel was created as a land for the Jews.  This land was an inheritance and a place to gather and form a Zion, or a gathering place for those of Jewish faith.  To most people of the non-Jewish faith, however, Israel was created because a League of Nations Mandate in 1922.  This mandate gave Great Britian the power to create a "national home" for Jews living in Palestine.


☆ Where is Israel:


 Israel is the Yellow-Orange country


Israel political map













☆ The Significance: 

The creation of Israel is important because it gave a group of religiously and culturally similar people the freedom to run their own country.  When Israel gained freedom in 1948, a large number of people began to relocate, anxious to come within a close distance of others going through similar trials.


☆ The Government:


Another thing that makes Israel unique is its government.  The government in Israelbelieves in many rights, even to minorities like women.  In Israel, UNIVERSAL suffrage is accepted.  Israel also believes in a democracy and has a parlimentary system containing a unicameral legislative branch. 


Weeks 32-35: Modern history IDs 






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