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Environmental Movements

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GREENERS!: Environmental Movements

Weeks 32-35: Modern history IDs 



 Our Earth!

                                                                                                                                 BELOW ARE MANY PICTURES OF PROTESTS


Some of the Main Movements:


 Although many people say the main movements took place between 1830 and 1960, most events took place after the widespread use of technology and industry.  After these new developments, people really began to think about the effect humans had on the ecosystems and the environment surrounding them.  This realization brought reformers who protested the use of products, items, or ativities that harmed the environment. 


The Main Movements:


The Clean Water Act

The Clean Air Act

The Endangered Species Act

The Nation Environmental Policy Act


The Movements were supported by many slogans such as "Not in My Backyard".


Many movements are still being continued today such as the protest against pesticides, water add-ins (fluoride), pollution, and conservation.


Why These Movements are Important:


These movements are fundamental to keeping the world pure.  Often people hear these troubles and think "not my problem", but if there were not people protesting harming the environment, it is likely we would not have the protective laws and acts keeping our world livable today.  These movements brought awareness to the government and society of the troubles taking place.  


Why Now?:


After the development of industries, many cities such as Tacoma, Chicago, and New York became heavily polluted, affecting the wildlife and organisms surrounding them and, through them, effecting the American economy.  As certain species began to die out, organizations and groups developed, attempting to protect them.  Similarly, as people began to become sick because of the water or the food, organizations stepped up to protect human welfare.


A Person Who Prompted These Movements?:


Many people prompted action during this time, so I will just pick one.


Henry Thoreau- Wrote Walden and Civil Disobedience. Prompted many to look at life with a new perspective. Many reform resulted from his ideas. Many ideas focused on the necessities and human impact on nature.



  Personal Experience:


Not all reforms or environmental movements are big, on the West Coast (where I lived until 2 years ago) many people are STILL doing thesemovements.


I grew up in Washington State where people are EXTREMELY liberal and environmentally-friendly.  In Washington, I got used to the ideas and constant protests.  Not everyone in Washington were liberal, or extreme, but those who were stood out.  There was one group of people, GREENERS we called them, who were modern hippies and proud of it.  If their dress did not set them apart (they wore earthy clothes, many had dred-locks, and most had many piercings and tattoos, then their beliefs did.  Living in Washington gave me many of these qualities (well not many) everytime I throw something away, I recycle what I can.  Also, many liberal communities seperate not only paper and cans, but paper, plastic, cardboard, cans (without paper) and normal trash.  By doing simple things like this, one family can make a difference to the ecomony.




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