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End of Slave Trade - Abolitionism

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The End of the Trade ~Abolitionism~


Week 19: The Atlantic World IDs


~ Abolition was a movement passed to abolish slavery and slave trade

~ It began during to Enlightenment, and grew during the 19th Century

~ It exceeded it's original goals as slavery everywhere ended

~ At first after the act was passed, slaves were still held and used, just not traded

~ The Society for the Relief of Free Negroes Unlawfully Held in Bondage was the first American abolition society, it was formed April 14, 1775

~ Religion was the leading cause of the fight against slavery

~ During the Revolutionary War, Abolitionism was kind of "put on halt"

~ It began picking up around 1784

~ By 1804, slavery in Northern states had been abolished

~ The South fought Abolitionism with all its might

~ Some Northerners wanted the slow/ gradual removal of slavery, while others wanted it immediately and abruptly

~ The thirteenth Amendment officially ended slavery



slave trade

Black people do skilled labor, white men do unskilled labor, and officials... whoever was in charge inspected, the black one instructed the workers while the white one oversees everything.

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