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Encomienda System

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Encomienda System


-The Encomienda System was a trustee system used by the Spanish conquistadors during their colonization of the Americas. These conquistadors were granted power of the indigenous people that they conquered.


-Spanish conquistadors convinced themselves that the Ecomienda system was used as a tool to convert them from their indigenous "religions" to Catholicism. People were convinced that they had to convert these people or suffer for not trying to spread the word about their religions.


-The ecomienda system gave Indians to settlers.

Indigenous people being mistreated by their "owners"


-Occured during the Age of Discovery (or Exploration).


-Took place mainly in Mexico and Peru.


Flyer about the Encomienda System in Peru


-Indians were given out by the government to settler to try and Christianize them.


-The new settlers wanted to spread Christianity to the people who lived in the Old World.


-The Encomienda System ended up failing because the indigenous people could easily escape because they were very familiar with the surrounding areas and knew how to survive in the wild.


-The failure of the Encomienda System led to the __enslavement of Africans in America__.



AP World History Book



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