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Domingo Sarmiento

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Domingo Sarmiento- Domingo means Sunday in Spanish. How amazing is that?!?


Domingo Sarmiento lived from 1811 to 1888. He was the president of Argentina from 1868 to 1874. Sarmiento was a “Renaissance Man” who, besides being the president, was a statesman, a journalist, a teacher, and a writer. Sarmiento worked to improve the school systems there, and was a strong advocate of education. In fact, Sarmiento did not like uneducated people, especially the gauchos. Sarmiento also had his own views about literature. Sarmiento felt that literature should be romanticist, which focused on how people used their emotions, not always their reason. Sarmiento’s policies included supporting national industry, and even helped to support the building of a zoo. Sarmiento died in 1888.


^This is a picture of Domingo Sarmiento on a 50 bill peso.




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