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Cold War

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Week 31: Cold War IDs 

                                         The "West" vs. the "East"

                                         Capitalism  vs. Communism

                                                   USA  vs.  USSR

                                        Democracy  vs.  Dictatorship

                                     THE COLD WAR


Talk about a different perspective - this north pole view of the cold war era is from http://www.flatrock.org.nz/topics/history/assets/cold_war_map.jpg



The Cold War dominated global politics from 1945 - 1991.  Many nations around the world found themselves catagorized into the "West" or

the "East".  The USA and USSR were clearly the polarizing world powers during this time period.  They (through a complex system of

alliances) had their hand in nearly everything that occured after World War II.  Although there were a few "hot" wars/conflicts during this time,

this era is referred to as the "cold" war because of the lack of direct military conflict between the two superpowers.  However, the constant

threats "chilled" the people on both sides of this global conflict.

Timeline LinksCold War Timeline (with more links to thinkquest)

Interactive Timline (CNN website - lots of cold war resources)

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