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Chinngis Khan

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Week 14: Nomadic Challenges IDs

Chinngis Khan

Tracy Dail


Chinggis Khan, who was originally named Temujin and commonly known as Genghis Khan, was born into a clan that was struggling for survival. When he was just a teenager, his father was poisoned by a rival nomadic group, which put Chinggis Khan into a position of leadership. Many people refused to follow him because of his young age and lack of experience, but he soon proved himself. In 1206, at a kuriltai or meeting of all the chieftains, he was renamed Chinggis Khan and named khagan or supreme ruler of all the Mongol tribes.


He was able to bring organization, discipline, and unity of command to the Mongols, which enabled them to develop a very sufficient military. Under him the military was divided into light cavalry, heavy cavalry, and scouting parties. There was also another unit that provided them with very good maps of the areas they were planning to invade. They also developed many new and effective weapons such as flaming and exploding arrows, gunpowder projectiles, and bronze cannons. He would not tolerate disloyalty or those who abandoned their unit.(Chinngis' Empire)


Chinggis Kahn was open to new ideas and enjoyed learning about the different cultures that he conquered, but he refused to live in their cities. He created his own capitol in Karakorum. While invading Xi Xia, he fell ill probably due to an injury in a previous battle. He died in August of 1227 after lecturing his sons on the dangers of quarreling among themselves.


The Mongols carried his body back to Mongolia for burial. Along the way those escorting him hunted down and killed every human and animal in their path. He had 4 sons with is wife Borte: Jochi, Chagatai, Ogedei, and Jochi who died before his father. He had other sons with his other wives, and he also had daughters, but records of them are scarce. His empire was divided after his death (Division of Chinngis'empire)


The Onon river, Mongolia - site where Temujin was born and grew up

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