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Causes and Effects of Political Change

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Causes and effects of political change

-The causes and effects of the political changes of imperialism in Latin America are apparent.

-The causes include: money, wealth, and expansion of territory. This was a good way to entice new businesses to come into Latin America because they were able to attain cheap laborers.

-The place with the most input in Latin America was the United States under President Theodore Roosevelt, after the British were displaced by the Roosevelt Corollary.

-The Roosevelt Corollary stated that because the USA was civilized,causes and effects of political changes it had a duty to make sure and protect all the nations in the Western Hemisphere.

-The effects of the Roosevelt Corollary and Imperialism in Latin America are:

-The benefits to businesses in Latin American countries like Nicaragua, where many American businesses were.

-It was a good tourist location, and many people marveled at the lush terrain and jungles filled with cute little monkeys.

-William Walker conflict in Nicaragua.

-One of the many problems of Imperialism in Latin America was that it caused the United States citizens to believe that they were invincible and were carrying out their civic duties to protect those smaller nations.

-Many people did oppose imperialism, and eventually after the start of World War I American imperialism in Latin America was through.

 Political Cartoon showing how bad imperialism was and the consequences that imperialism led to in certain regions.

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