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Catholic Counter Reformation

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Weeks 15-17: Rise of the West IDs


Catholic Counter Reformation


The Catholic Counter Reformation was done in response to the Protestant reformation of the 16th century. There were five major parts to the Counter Reformation; doctrine, structural reconfiguration, religious orders, spiritual movements, and political dimensions. The Counter Reformation started with the Council of Trent in 1545-1563. The Council was set up to deal with the major issues in the Catholic Church, like indulgences and abusing power. They were also supposed to define the beliefs of the Catholic Church. The Council reaffirmed all that they had been practicing and went against the new Protestant views. They did stop some of the corrupt practices of the church, like the election of Bishops for political reasons. The Inquisition was started during this time period as well as the censorship of books that went against the view of the Catholic Church. The Jesuits, along with other new orders, were formed due to the Catholic Counter Reformation.

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