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Boxer Rebellion

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Week 26: Civilizations in Crisis IDs 


"Support the Ch'ing; destroy the foreigner!"


Some background info...

The Boxer Rebellion was caused by a series of events...

European countries had "spheres of influence" in China. The Chinese empress Dowager Tsu Hsi did not like foreigners in her land.  She did not like that the European countries were in her country.  While Tsu Hsi was trying to close China, the new competitor to the Asian market, the United States of America, was trying to find a way in.  The Secretary of State, John Hay, came up with the idea of the "Open Door" policy.  This policy kept nations from discriminating against each other and kept fair trade for all. During this time the empress was getting her people in China on her side.  She issued an imperial message to all of the provinces. 



In the Northern part of China there was a secret society called the Fists of Righteous Harmony.  This group had plenty of followers.  The foreigners called these people in the group "Boxers" because they were boxers in real life.  At first the group's cause was to overthrow the Ch'ing government.  However the empress heard of the news and used her smarts to change the ideas Boxers and now they proclaimed, "Support the Ch'ing; destroy the foreigner!" 


And then...

Thousands of Boxers wandered over the Chinese countryside, killing Christian missions and Chinese converts.  They then went to the cities gathering more followers as they went.  The foreign ministers were worried over the Boxers coming to the Forbidden City.  The empress told them that she would take care of the sort of rebellion that was happening.  However she did nothing when the Boxers came into the city.  The foreigners set up a defense.  At first they shot and sent the Boxers back but the Boxers soon returned.  The Boxers surrounded the Foreigners for over two months but then out of nowhere a explosion was heard.  The foreign leaders who had not heard from their ministers became worried and sent forth an international military force.  The foreigners military foce ransacked the city and defeated the Boxers.



The Woman in Charge--Empress Dowager Tsu Hsi



A Boxer in 1900 with his banner that proclaims



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