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Berlin Blockade and Airlift

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 Berlin Blockade and Airlift


The Berlin Blockade was the first crisis of the cold war. After WWII Germany and Berlin were divided into four zones. Berlin fell in the Soviet zone.  On June 24, 1948 the soviets stopped allowing the British, French, or Americans into eastern Berlin (the Soviet zone).  By June 25 the British and the Americans started a joint airlift into Berlin, providing food and other things that the people needed. 278,228 trips were made to Berlin. Operation little vittles was an attempt to get candy bars and other small things to children, each with its own mini parachute. On April 16, 1949 a flight was made almost every minute. The Blockade was ended May 11, 1949 but the airlift didn't stop until September so that the allies could build up supplies in case there was another blockade.


 Children who received things from Operation Little Vittles.




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