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Batu and the Great Horde

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Week 14: Nomadic Challenges IDs





• The Golden Horde was established in the west part of the Mongol empire.

• It was created in 1251-1480 when the Mongol empire fell.

• The land was going to be given to Jochi, the son of Genghis Khan, but Jochi died two years before Gengis, and so it was given to Ogodei Khan. However, Jochi’s son, Batu, lead an army to claim the lands. This army was called a Horde, and Golden was the directional word for west. Therefore, the Golden Horde stands for Western Army.

Conquered and ruled Russia during the 13th and 14th centuries - read more at Russia in Bondage



This is a map of Eurasia, including the area of the Golden Horde.

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