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Babur the Tiger

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Week 20-21: Muslim Empires and Asian Transitions IDs


Babur (eye of) "The Tiger"

Babur "The Tiger" (his real name was Zahir-ud-din Muhammad) is widely known as the first of the great Mughal Emperors because he founded the Empire with his invasion and conquest over India in 1526. He was a thirteenth generation descendant from Genghis Khan on his mother's side and a fifth generation descendant from Timur on his father's side.


His father made many attempts to become the successor over the Timur Empire but was never successful. Babur followed in his father's footsteps and wanted to develop an empire. He started out with very little yet he was able to rise up and become one of the greatest conquerors in his time period.


Babur started out ruling over a small kingdom in Turkestan and his first move was an attack on Kabal (capital of Afghanistan). His attack was successful and his empire slowly began to form. After his conquest over Afghanistan, he led his men to the mountains into Hindustan where they attacked the Dehli Sultanate. His small army of 12,000 men won the battle and he named himself the new Sultan. He then sent his men to fight a confederation of Rajput states. In 1530, he died but his empire extended from Deccan to Turkestan.


He is given credit for his military wit; however, he also had military advancements that were greater then his opponents so this made his conquering much easier. He was the first Islamic ruler to use artillery and muskets in combat. These weapons weren't as reliable as swords and other common weapon implements of the time, but they killed many people quickly and easily and kept down his casualty count.


Babur "The Tiger"

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