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Artistic Expression in Tang and Song era

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Week 13: Medieval China IDs


Artistic Expression in Tang and Song era



After so much political turmoil and ruling mostly by nomadic tribes, China was reformed under the Tang and Song Dynasties and Confucianism was revived. This change had a great impact on the art. Painting, ceramics, metalwork, music, and poetry were all forms of art that were produced during this golden age. Portrait paintings were refined, but more common were landscapes. These reflected an immense interest in nature and usually were symbolic of a bigger idea. They were abstract and used subtle tones. Wang Wei, Li Sixun, and Li Zhaodao were three reknowned landscape painters. Short stories and poetry were mainly written about common everyday life and simple images that had bigger meaning. Unlike other civilizations, the scholar-gentry and not skilled artisans were responsible for much of the artwork that was produced.


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