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Week 30: World War II IDs




Appeasement means to bring to a state of peace, calmness, or tranquility. But the more "World History" meaning of Appeasement is to yield or to concede to the belligerent (warlike) demands of a nation, group, person, etc. in a conciliatory (to bring to a state of peace) effort, sometimes at the expense of justice or other principles.

Since WWII the word Appeasement has gained a negative connotation (people's definition of the word) in the British Government. The way it was interpreted there was weakful and cowardice. It gained it's negative reputation for its use in the build up to WWII. 


According to Paul Kennedy in his Strategy and Diplomacy, 1983, the word appeasement means the policy of settling international quarrels by admitting and satisfying grievances through rational negotiations and compromise, thereby avoiding the resort to an armed conflict which would be expensive, bloody, and possibly dangerous.


AppeaserI had to make it smaller so I'll tell you what the quote says... "And on this platform.  The most amazing Marvel of the age! He lives; he talks...yet the guy has no guts!"  The man on the platform's shirt says "Appeaser." Pretty much this tells me that the people are pointing out that Appeasement is cowardice and "has no guts" but still alive. And another thing is that the setting is in a carnival, this could represent Europe in WWII.  Something interesting:  If you haven't noticed the way the cartoon is, look at the guy under the Megaphone's shirt. This cartoon was created by Dr. Seuss!

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