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Anschluss and appeasement

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ANSH-SHLUS! (gesundheit!) & A-PEEEEEEEEEEZ-ment

(ha, sorry-bad attempt at a creative title)



  • The Anschluss was Hitler's annexation of Austria.
  • The treaty occurred formally in 1937.
  • In 1938, German troops were sent into Austria
  • Austrians welcomed these troops.
  • No country protested against this act, and it allowed Germany and HItler to slowly grow stronger.



  • The fact that none of the countries protested to the Anschluss ties in with "appeasement" which is something that France and Britain practiced with Hitler.
  • In fear of another World War, Britain and France would give in to Hitler's demands "appeasing" or satisfying him which let him have the upperhand in Europe and slowly gain power.
  • The biggest example of Britain and France's appeasement was in 1938 at the Munich Conference which included Hitler, Chamberlain from Britain, and Deladier from France.  Britain and France agree to let Hitler take Sudetenland in Czechoslovkaia. 
  • This will eventually lead to Hitler annexing all of Czechoslovakia.


(represents France allowing Germany's power to slowly grow)

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