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Anglican Church

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****Anglican Church****


The Anglican Church, also known as the Church of England, was created when King Henry VIII was excomunicated from the Catholic church and seeked to make a new church in which he was the supreme leader of the church. Henry was excomunicated from the Catholic church because he whished to be granted a divorce from his wife because she had been unable to birth him a male heir to his throne, and once the Pope refused the King's request, he began creating his own church which caused his excomunication from catholicism.

The Anglican church is closely related to the Catholic church, as many of the same traditions and rituals are incorporated in each of them. The main difference between the two churches was the fact that the ruler of England was the leader of the church. The Anglican Church was declared to be the supreme church throughout Brittain, and since everyone was forced to follow the religion and the English ruler had complete power over the church, the church also granted the King or Queen much more influence over the daily lives of the English citizens.

Although the Anglicans made many reforms to their church over time, making the differences between it and Catholicism continue growing, many people, known as Puritans, pushed forthe Anglican church to completely sever all of it's ties from the Catholic church. The puritans were a very small minority though, and were persecuted for their beliefs, although their influence did cause a few very small changes in the church.

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